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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
Post-Election News Release 25th March 2003

SOS voice heard, but not yet loudly enough

Upper House:
The vote count for the Upper House is still going on and will not be finished for several weeks. The position when we last looked was 13,600 votes for SOS which unfortunately will be insufficient for us to win a seat.

The formation of the SOS political party and our participation in the election has had an effect in a variety of ways.

1. Policies:
The SOS party contesting the election resulted in the Greens, Democrats and Liberals repositioning to adopt portions of our policies opposing overdevelopment. However we have to recognise that the message about overdevelopment and failure to consult with residents has NOT got through to the Carr Government and 'urban consolidation' will undoubtedly be forced onto communities with renewed vigour.

2. Penrith, Mulgoa, Londonderry and Mount Druitt:
Our ADI candidates advise that the NSW State election has marked a decisive turning point in the fight to save the whole of the ADI Site as a new Regional Park and Nature Reserve. Statements by the Minister for Planning, Andrew Refshauge and the Premier on the eve of the election indicate a change in the Government's previous stance and provide hope that the whole of the ADI site will be saved.

3. Canterbury and Rockdale:
Our candidates in these electorate were encouraged that on the eve of the election Roads Minister, Carl Scully has at last admitted that Sydney’s road tunnels need filtration technology to remove the dangerous particles that cause the haze menacing the M5 East Tunnel users and neighbours.

SOS was the only new party contesting the election as it has now become incredibly difficult to register a new party. Even if a party passes the registration hurdle the playing field is by no means level. There are many mechanisms that entrench parties already in Parliament that are not available to new parties such as handouts and extensive free advertising in the media.

Our Suburban Advocate paper has been incredibly well received, but our message must be repeated over and over before the 'brand-name' SOS becomes widely recognised in the wider electorate -- we have much work to do.

SOS will continue the battle.

Tony Recsei


Save Our Suburbs (SOS) NSW Inc

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