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Faster than a Locomotive (Daily Telegraph, June 29th 2006)

"I was surprised that it was possible to keep up with a train in Sydney"


Biter's been bit (Daily Telegraph, June 21st, 2006)

Been shoving higher density down the throats


Poor Frank Sartor (Daily Telegraph, June 17th, 2006)

Not in Frank's backyard


FOKE (North Shore Times, June 16th, 2006)

Environmentalist prepares to slam development


Sartor Bully (SMH, June 14th, 2006)

Once-bullied Sartor grows up and becomes a bully


Critically analysing the policy of urban consolidation (Australian Financial Review, May 5th, 2006)

Save Our Suburbs studies urban patterns


Forging links across state borders (Australian Financial Review, May 4th, 2006)

Planning Critics take it national


Green Policies mean Concrete Lawns (Herald Sun, April 5th, 2006)

Garden State Dies


Ultimate Cost (Daily Telegraph, March 13th, 2006)

High Density Policies - the Ultimate Cost


Trees (SMH, March 2nd, 2006)

Humans in, trees out


Dense, arty neighbourhoods have failed to attract talent and capital (The Australian, Feb 20th 2006)

Joel Kotkin: For thriving cities, it's not enough to be cool


Sydney is the least affordable of them all (Daily Telegraph, Jan 27th 2006)

Housing cost worst in world


Breaking the silence about suburbia (The Australian, Jan 26th 2006)

"My secret love's no secret anymore"



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