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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release September 2005

Marrickville by-election and important article

Hi SOS Members

The significant Marrickville by-election is being held tomorrow. SOS member Lorraine Thomson is one of the nine candidates contesting the seat. Lorraine is a nurse who has worked on a variety of interesting health initiatives for the underprivileged. She has acted as a mid-wife and educator and is currently working for the Red Cross Blood Bank. She is very active organising a branch of WIRES, the group that rescues injured native animals. The SOS website lists SOS policies.

This election will be very interesting. Where we have insufficient people-power to man booths we will be assisted by the Greens. SOS how-to-vote handouts suggest the voter's second preference goes to the Greens and the third preference to the Democrats. The Democrats have advised that their how-to-vote handouts only specify a "1" for the Democrats and no futher preferences. We now hear that ALP supporters have been spotted distributing Democrat election literature. It thus seems probable that the ALP will assist the Democrats at the booths tomorrow. Any votes for the Democrats not specifying a preference flow will exhaust, so sterilising those votes and preventing them flowing on to other parties such as SOS or the Greens. Such is politics!

We read that the ALP has spent in excess of $100,000 contesting Marrickville whereas SOS is spending $700. Obviously SOS does not expect to win the seat but we need to get our name more widely known - the election is generating considerable publicity. We have been hoping that we might get a mention in the ABC TV Stateline program at 7.30 tonight - the ABC cameras were at the "Meet the Candidates" event. However the Latham revelations might displace whatever coverage of the Marrickville by-election was planned.

Nevertheless we will get publicity tomorrow in an opinion piece on urban planning in the Sydney Morning Herald being written by reporter Michael Duffy who has interviewed me. This is an important breakthrough that I have been working on for some time - I have been trying to persuade the paper to publish our views in letters and articles. The public response to this opinion piece will determine whether or not the paper will publish more articles of this nature. If no public interest is shown, the subject will die.

It is therefore critical that letters are sent in to the editor responding to Michael Duffy's article appearing tomorrow. Please take a bit of time to read the article and write a short letter on the subject to the editor at Remember to include your name, address and phone number at the end of your letter.

To all our election helpers tomorrow - have a good day!

Tony Recsei

President, Save Our Suburbs

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