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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release September 2005

A cunning move - part 2

Hi SOS Members

The response to the Daily Telegraph article on Newman of 22 September exceeded all expectations. The Tele printed five letters today, all of them anti-Newman's policies. They are reproduced below.

The Government takes a lot of notice of the Daily Telegraph as this paper covers many electoral seats that vote ALP or are marginal. Newman will think twice before attempting such tricks in the future. All very encouraging. We will beat them yet!

The Daily Telegraph 24 September 2005, page 24

Saturday Letters

More of us would turn
Sydney into a rats' nest

We have to take action to stop turning Sydney from one of the most liveable cities in the world into a congested rats' nest.
Peter Newman's warning that pending housing releases for Sydney should be the last should be heeded, but it is only part of the story.
There will be little gained if what we do is try to push more and more people into existing Sydney boundaries - such consolidation will only lead to more and more congestion and a more rapid decline in Sydney's liveability. If we can justify increasing numbers on the basis of growth and increased standards of living, then we have to build new satellite cities from scratch and offset those costs against any economic benefits claimed - only then can we start to make more informed decisions.
There is no future in trying to retrofit higher densities into suburbs with inadequate infrastructure, as present plans persist in trying to do.
Michael Gillian, Ettalong Beach

'Development must cease if we are to survive’
End development

It was very pleasing to read that finally someone has voiced to the State Government that development must cease in Sydney if we are to survive.
I say this as a tenant who wishes to one day own his own home knowing-that ceasing development will push prices up but it must stop before we see our beloved Sydney totally overcrowded and destroyed.
It makes me angry to hear greedy money-hungry developers are against any move to stop the sprawl purely so they can line their own pockets by building cramped new developments with minimal infrastructure.
What we need to concentrate on is possibly creating new inland cities utilising new environmental ideas and principles and urge newcomers to embrace new ways such as total recycling and rebuilding our diminishing industries. Please save Sydney and urge development in new areas that can sustain it.
Eric Mooyrnan, Brighton-le-Sands

Build satellite cities
Sydney is too full? You bet, but the solution is not to stuff more people in the inner city. That will not alleviate water problems or pressure on infrastructure.
What about satellite cities? What about regional /country development? What about a modest decrease in immigration rates so our population increase is manageable? What about some real solutions?
Graerne Cordiner,Gladesville

Recipe for pollution
Professor Peter Newman urges that no more land releases be made ("Sydney is full," Daily Telegraph, September 22). But he has frequently made it clear that he believes there should be no limits on the numbers coming into Sydney, and that all the additional people be crammed into existing suburbs.
This will cause Sydney to be even more crowded and polluted.
Tony Recsei, Warrawee

Stop retrofitting us
Sydney has been overcrowded for a long time, and it has been spoilt by high-density housing developments.
Any new increase in population must be accommodated in satellite cities, possibly in I the Southern Highlands, properly environmentally designed from scratch.
We can do without all the problems resulting from retrofitting higher densities on to suburbs with infrastructure that was originally designed for lower densities of population.
Fred Rost Ashfield

Tony Recsei

President, Save Our Suburbs

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