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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release October 2005


Save Our Suburbs continues to make its way into the public consciousness.

1. In a publication by:

The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia


Sustainable Cities
House of Representatives
Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage

August 2005 Canberra

we are quoted on page 47:


4.30 The committee is aware that there is some strong opposition in many communities to higher density housing options in cities. Save Our Suburbs NSW Inc, for example, refutes what it cites as the rationale for a shift to higher density housing, arguing that:

There is no developed high-density city in the world which does not experience extreme traffic congestion (even with highly developed public transport systems)... As typically only 40% of a city is comprised of residential areas the area saved by higher population densities (unless these are truly heroic) is negligible...
(footnote reference)

The footnote reads: Save Our Suburbs NSW Inc, Submission 23, pp. 2-3. The submission comments on increased traffic congestion, which increases atmospheric pollution and mentions the high correlation between population density and concentration of exhaust pollutants. Further, it argues that multiunit housing costs 1 1/2 to 2 more than a single residential housing and that higher density retrofitting does not save long-term infrastructure expenditure, because 'the existing infrastructure is then overloaded, necessitating expensive inefficient piecemeal upgrades'.

2. As we briefly mentioned in our newsletter, the Summer edition of the Inflight Magazine issued to Virgin Atlantic's upper class passengers (no ads in this one!) features an entertaining article on Sydney's Harbour - please click on the link to view.


Please remember our annual general meeting:

Time: 2.00 pm on Saturday 22 October
Place: Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney.

We have two guest speakers. Peter R Jensen, until recently a senior commissioner with the Land and Environment Court will speak on "Decentralisation" and Mal Hiley of Waterway Constructions Pty Ltd will speak on planning and development around Sydney Harbour in the context of the working harbour.


Tony Recsei

President, Save Our Suburbs

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