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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release October 2005

Busy November

As always, November will be a very busy month.


I have been invited to feature in Michael Duffy's Counterpoint program on Monday 7 November 4.40 - 5pm on the subject of urban consolidation and our suburbs together with Professor Patrick Troy. This will be a live broadcast on ABC Radio National - 576 on the AM band.


A City Vision talk at the Sydney Town Hall is scheduled for 6.30 pm, Tuesday 8 November starring Professor Peter Newman and Malcolm Turnbull.

No doubt Professor Newman will display his cute overheads to the usual bunch of admiring synchophants. It will be good if some of our members turn up to demonstrate that not everyone is willing to see Sydney turned into a "congested rats’ nest".

Entry is free but bookings essential – phone 8256 2222.


The NSW Government has recently launched a draft standard template for Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) which will be used by all local council’s across the state. This Standard LEP has consistent provisions, zones and definitions - cutting the number of zones from 3100 to around 25, and the number of definitions from 1700 to 250. Once finalised, all councils will use the Standard LEP to prepare a new local plan for their area. Mandatory timeframes will be set for councils to prepare the new LEPs, based on a staged repeal program for existing LEPs. The NSW Government's objective is for every local council to have a new LEP within the next two to five years.

This change could have momentous implications for local democracy. Members versed in local government matters are urged to look at the draft and consider the implications.

For more information, please contact:
Coleen Greene ph 93445722 email:
Daniela Gambotto, Urban Sustainability Campaigner, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Ph: 9279 2466, email

Submissions on the draft standard LEP template can be made up until 4 November 2005. Email to
send to: Submission – draft LEP template, Department of Planning,GPO Box 39, Sydney 2000

Watsons Bay Baths

Ted Roberts & Pat Woolley advise of the pending destruction of the Watsons Bay Baths deepwater outer pool. Anyone wishing to assist them in opposing this please contact them at 7/9 Military Road, Watsons Bay 2030 Ph 02 9337 2839.

Tony Recsei

President, Save Our Suburbs

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