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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release October 2004

Let's Keep Them Coming

Hi SOS Members

1. It did not take long for us to strike. SOS member Anthony Meaney has had the following published in the Daily Telegraph:

Assistant Planning Minister Diane Beamer, backing the creation of a new "low density" zoning across NSW to replace all existing local council residential zonings, would have us believe it is 1984, not 2004 ("Farewell Pleasantville", Daily Telegraph October 27).

Low density means single detached housing, not villa town house or dual occupancy housing. These areas have always been medium density by definition. Ms Beamer is reinventing the English language in true Orwellian style.

Newspeak is alive and well in Oceania.

Anthony Meaney
Summerland Point

Congratulatons Anthony! The comparision with the George Orwell classic "1984" is very fitting.

2. Meanwhile another SOS member says:

"Today, Thursday John Laws conducted a lengthy interview of the Minster for Health Minister Iemma re Mona Vale hospital and its future.

"It was a masterly display of convoluted, dipping twisting replies from the politician.

"In conclusion, John Laws said something like the Health Minster was like Diane Beamer in drag ( he had interviewed this Minster the day before.)

"When I rang the station to get John Laws' email the lady said they had had a lot of interest on the Beamer ....... topic."

3. SOS member Gordon Hocking emphasises:

"The only (limited) power to control overdevelopment that Councils have lies in the zoning system. The NSW Government must be opposed in its attempt to dilute councils' rights to create appropriate zones."

Let us keep up the momentum.

Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs (SOS)

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