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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release May 2004

Three letters

Hi SOS Members

Members have been most successful in having letters published in the press lately. Here are three of them:

Daily Telegraph 22 May 2004

The issue

Stop this planning disaster

Warnervale Neighbourhood Forum members have to realise that the people pushing for more medium and high density in the area (Extra, May 12) are the unelected bureaucrats of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR).

These urban consolidation policies of DIPNR have been supported by both the Liberal and Labour parties for the past 20 years.

The bureaucrats in DIPNR believe in no other philosophy – they don’t seem to learn about decentralisation in planning school.

Because the rest of the world lives in medium and high density apartments, so do we.

We’ve had the best living conditions in the world, and now we’re going down the road of London, Hong Kong and New York. Planning Minister Craig Knowles is firmly commiteed to this planning philosophy.

All community groups have to unite and fight these un-Australian planning ideas.

To find out more about our group, Save Our Surburbs, check out our website at

Anthony Meaney
Save Our Suburbs
Summerland Point

Daily Telegraph 17 May 2004

Unit Glut

We now know that first home buyers are not purchasing the over-supply of apartments in Sydney but are buying free-standing houses. This demonstrates the speciousness of Minister Diane Beamer maintaining that her policy of forcing more units onto unwilling communities is to provide "housing choice".

The market is plainly showing that the units being compelled into neighbourhoods is frustrating people’s choice. How can she justify high density?

Tony Recsei

************* Submitted but not published by the Sydney Morning Herald - I wonder why? *****************

You were very naughty in your editorial of 20 May, "Work, homes and open space", Mr Editor. You set out to prove a point by first assuming that what you were setting out to prove is true. It does not follow that we "must continue to fill in land within Sydney" to allow for growth.

It's called "begging the question", a common ploy used to fake an argument.

Sensible plans to accommodate population growth consistent with overwhelming community consensus and without destroying the natural and built environment have been put forward time and again, but politicians on both sides of the political fence ignore them. Why?

Because developers want to make huge profits, and they give huge donations to both Labor and the Liberals just to make sure they win.

So Mr Carr's government has been hard at work promoting the myth that the only way to deal with population growth is high-density living in areas that give developers the highest returns.

The Opposition has been hard at work doing nothing except to slander local councillors striving to maintain some quality of life for their constituents in what's left of Sydney.

Stay in after school, Mr Editor, and write out one hundred times, "I must not circulate Mr Carr's fibs."

Yours sincerely

Hugh Knox

Letters are very important in spreading the word - people seem to read more letters than articles. Of course not many letters one sends get published, but the more letters received on a particular subject, the more likely one will be printed. Please keep writing!

Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs (SOS)

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