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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release March 2004

Council Elections

Hi SOS Members

Indefatigible SOS member Hugh Knox has had the following letter published in the Daily Telegraph this morning (22nd March 2004):

Keep councils out of developers' clutches

Late on the afternoon of Friday, March 19, a glitch that rail staff said was a signal failure at North Sydney again threw Sydney trains into chaos. Passengers were delayed and confused.

Once again, defying overwhelming community consensus, the State Government's determination to turn Sydney into a slum in the shortest possible time goes together with its absence of infrastructure planning. Government policy of allowing country centres to die makes things worse by encouraging the unnecessary drift to the big city.

The disaster stems from developer greed. Both Labor and Liberal parties accept huge donations from developers. In effect, the State Government issues licences to developers to print their own money.

The Opposition is silent, except to malign those members of local councils who strive to maintain some quality of life for their constituents by opposing ad hoc over-development.

Enough is enough. The local council elections next Saturday might well be an opportunity to send a message to both Government and Opposition that to accept donations from developers is to accept bribes, and that it makes a mockery of democracy.

So think twice before voting for any candidate sponsored by Labor or the Liberals, or who claims to be independent but is supported by a Labor or Liberal politician, or who has strong connections with the Labor or Liberal parties.

Keep the Labor and Liberal parties out of local councils. Keep local councils local.

Hugh Knox, Gordon

Good on you Hugh. Keep it up!

Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs (SOS)

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