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News Release June 2006

Not in Frank's backyard

Hi SOS Members

The increasing controversy outlined by the Daily Telegraph below regarding the wife of Frank Sartor (Minister of Planning) opposing a development plan to build high-rise next to his house is about to hit the air waves . Several people, outraged by the high-density forced into their neighbourhoods by his Planning Department policies, have indicated to me they intend to phone in on 2GB (Alan Jones) talkback radio tomorrow.

The discussion is likely to be interesting and provocative. You can listen on the AM band, frequency 873 KHz. Perhaps you may wish to express your point of view. Phone 131 873 as soon as you can after 6 am tomorrow morning to have your say.

Daily Telegraph June 17, 2006

Not in Frank's back yard

Development King Frank Sartor now a Backyard Nimby

By David Fisher
Political Reporter

ALL-powerful Planning Minister Frank Sartor has backed some controversial development projects recently -- but it is a different story when it comes to his own neighbourhood.

Mr Sartor has found himself in the middle of a planning dispute that involves a development that would back on to -- and overlook -- his Beverley Park home.

Developers want to knock down existing buildings on a car yard that backs on to his property and put up several blocks of units of up to four storeys. The proposal is for 74 units and a basement car park.

Serious opposition and objections to the development have emanated from the Sartor family home -- but it is the minister's wife who has been voicing the concerns.

While Mr Sartor keeps at arm's length, his wife Monique Flannery has attended community meetings regarding the proposed development and has written several times to Kogarah Council general manager Garry Sawyer to voice her objections.

In a letter to Mr Sawyer dated March 16, Ms Flannery said the proposed development is "excessive in both size and scope and will be detrimental to our current enjoyment of the amenities inherent in the quiet, low density, leafy environment".

"The development as planned is not in keeping with the surrounding area, is well in excess of 2(a) zones applicable to the area generally and will introduce a multitude of disadvantages for residents including loss of privacy, increased noise and traffic issues and a sudden surge in population on the one block," she adds.

Ms Flannery summarised her objections as being on the grounds of the development being of excessive height, poor design quality, "excessively dense" and because it is insufficiently set back from its western boundary, that backs on to their property.

She asked that council either refuse approval or insist on substantial change.

Mr Sartor's wife is not the only resident objecting to the proposal -- the owners of all the properties that back on to the site are opposed to it.

A spokeswoman for Mr Sartor confirmed the minister's wife had objected. "Mr Sartor has deliberately not got involved and he thinks the issue can be resolved through normal development mechanisms," the spokesman said.

A spokesman for Kogarah Council said the development, by Hosking Munro Pty Ltd, was still in the assessment stage.

Tony Recsei

President, Save Our Suburbs

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