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Save Our Sydney Suburbs Inc. newsletter June 2001


The Department of Urban Affairs and Planning (DUAP) has issued a white paper termed "PlanFirst - Review of Plan Making in New South Wales". This proposes to radically change the plan making provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The proposed legislation is going to have a profound influence on all of us.

We all are painfully aware of what the previous DUAP plans SEPP5 and SEPP53 are doing to Sydney. The proposals provide a new mechanism by which regulations with such devastating consequences can be forced upon us. You can obtain a copy of the PlanFirst from DUAP. We have written an analysis of PlanFirst that is too long to place in this newsletter. Let us know if you wish to have a copy and we can e-mail or fax this to you.

PlanFirst is full of ambiguities. It promotes the notion of involving the community at the local level but there is an absence of democracy at the regional level. DUAP or the Minister can override community wishes at the regional level and the state level. Unfortunately, based on our experience of what DUAP has done in the past -- dictatorially forcing detrimental policies onto communities for which they brazenly fail to provide any reasonable justification --we have good reason to fear that PlanFirst, as it stands, will be used to continue the process of whittling down our local democratic rights.

A critical time is upon us. Crucial legislation is developing before our eyes.

We have to marshal our members to demand changes that will lessen some of its more ominous provisions. The reason members join SOSs is to prevent overdevelopment being forced on us by government. This is your best-yet opportunity to make a personal statement. And the number of submissions is vitally important.


You can:


Write a separately addressed letter to each of the members of the General Purpose Standing Committee No 4, namely:


General Purpose Standing Committee No 4, New South Wales Parliament Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2000

Letters could include concerns about the vagueness of legislation proposed in the White Paper "PlanFirst": Review of Plan Making in New South Wales" issued by the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning (DUAP).

The details of the reasoning behind these concerns are dealt with in our analysis of PlanFirst.


Letters to the Premier, local MPs and newspapers can all help in securing a better planning system.

The letter to DUAP should be addressed to:

Plan First: White Paper Policy and Reform Branch Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, GPO Box 3927, Reply Paid 3927 SYDNEY NSW 2001

This should be sent as soon as possible - the closing date was 1 June 2001

And now for some procedural matters.

We are calling a special general meeting.

Special General Meeting 7.30 p.m., Wednesday 22 August 2001.

Venue: North Sydney Council Chamber Gallery, 200 Miller St, North Sydney (three blocks northwards Miller St. from North Sydney Station).

Notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting for the purpose of:

  1. Changing the name of the Association to Save Our Suburbs (SOS) NSW Incorporated.
  2. Altering the Constitution of the Association according to the document to be laid before the meeting.


  1. Great interest in participating in Save Our Sydney Suburbs Inc is now evident in areas outside the Sydney region. It is therefore proposed that the name of the Association more accurately reflects the areas in which it is or may be active.
  2. The changes to the Constitution are intended to expand the concept of groups of members representing local government areas to include groups of members who represent other compatible forms of resident action groups, to allow for the acceptance of these "Resident Action Groups" as members, to more fully specify the procedure for the election of the Council, to allow for communication by e-mail, to rectify paragraph numbering and to make incidental changes to correspond with these changes.
  3. The proposed modified Constitution may be inspected at the Special General Meeting or prior to that by appointment by e-mail request

Tony Recsei, President.

Renewals - Membership renewals are now due for members who last payed in 2000. Please use the attached combined Renewal/Application form when renewing your membership.

Sydney's Population Future Forum details, including the proceedings may be viewed by clicking on this link.

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