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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release January 2004

Gordon Station's Heritage under threat

Hi SOS Members

Janine Kitson, SOS Committee member and Ku-ring-gai Councillor, has issued the following press release regarding insensitive development of heritage listed Gordon Railway Station. Quite possibly State Rail did not consider the heritage aspect when designing the upgrade. Janine is asking for public support in the request for State Rail to modify the upgrade scheme so that the final result will be more in keeping with the station's initial planned intention.

Best wishes for 2004.

Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs

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From: Janine Kitson
To: Tony Recsei



By CR JANINE KITSON, Ku-ring-gai Council

TELEPHONE/FAX: (02) 9498 2402 OR TEL: (02) 9498 7608


DATE: Monday 29th December, 2003

Gordon Station's heritage significance is under threat with the current
State Rail easy access upgrade proposals which includes 3 bulky modern
lift structures, a new ramp, new angular stairs, canopies, and
modifications to the booking office and entrance.

State Rail's aim is to improve easy access at Gordon Station for the
community including disabled, elderly and parents with prams.

We all agree that easy access is needed but State Rail has put forward
only one proposal for community discussion and that proposal has major
heritage defects.

The proposed lifts, to be located in front of the footbridge, are
intrusive, dominant and bulky and will visually destroy the relationship
between the overhead bridge, booking office and the station buildings.
The design will effectively clutter the station with modern elements
that bear no relationship to the Gordon Station Group and will also
effectively diminish the green garden setting of the station.

We would like State Rail to prepare alternative designs that would
enhance access without destroying the heritage significance of the
station. State Rail has provided better alternatives elsewhere so why
can't this be done for Gordon?

"Gordon Station and its associated precinct together with its landscaped
gardens is a rare exemplar of an Edwardian period station to survive in
a relatively unaltered and intact state in NSW", said Zeny Edwards,
Chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee of
Ku-ring-gai Council.

Gordon Railway Station is listed on the registers of the National Estate
and the NSW Heritage Office, Ku-ring-gai Council and the National Trust
of Australia (NSW).

State Rail's proposal fails to respect the heritage significance of
Gordon Station.

Unless we get Gordon Station right - how can we expect any other
heritage stations to get the faithful respect they deserve too

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