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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release Feb 2003

ADI Campaigners join SOS !

The Save Our Suburbs election campaign has been given a new impetus by the Australian Defence Industries Site (ADI Site) campaigners joining SOS.

Bushland Oasis threatened by multi-unit housing

The ADI Site at St Marys is a 1500 hectare bushland oasis within western Sydney's suburbia. For 60 years it has been protected by a high security fence. The site's clay and alluvial soils support plants and woodland are very different from Sydney's better known sandstone bushland. When the Australian Heritage Commission, in 1999, listed over 800ha of the site on the Register of the National Estate, it pointed to its Aboriginal archaeological and social significance, its rare, endangered or uncommon flora and fauna and the presence of the rare Cumberland Plain Woodland. The site shelters the last free-roaming mobs of emus and eastern grey kangaroos in the Sydney basin.

However the Government has plans to place multi-unit housing on the site and the community is outraged.

"Save the ADI Site" SOS to contest Penrith, Londonderry, Mt Druitt and Mulgoa

"Save the ADI Site Campaigners" (ADI Campaigners), the group fighting this shameful proposal, is to join forces with Save Our Suburbs (SOS) to contest the March election.

The ADI Campaigners will be running in 4 State lower house seats in western Sydney as candidates for Save Our Suburbs. "We have had enough and are not going to take it anymore," says the spokesperson for the Campaigners. "That is why we are running in the 4 ALP seats, Penrith, Londonderry, Mt Druitt and Mulgoa, that surround the site. The Carr Government has arrogantly dismissed the widespread community opposition to development of the ADI Site".

"If the Carr Government does not listen to the people, the ALP can expect to lose even more of its heartland supporters," says Hugh Todd, chairperson of the ADI Residents Action Group. "The people of western Sydney have had enough of being treated as second class citizens. We wish the SOS Party and their candidates well."

SOS welcomes candidates

SOS welcomes ADI Campaigners Peter Kerr, Sonia Bennett, Jean Lopez and Barbie Bates who are standing for SOS in the lower house seats of Mount Druitt, Londonderry, Mulgoa and Penrith respectively.

The enlistment of the ADI Campaigners strengthens the progress SOS is making in becoming a formidable community group to more effectively represent the interests of Sydney’s residents and to preserve what we value about Sydney’s suburbs.

Tony Recsei


Save Our Suburbs (SOS) NSW Inc

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