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News Release December 2003

Win for St John's Darlinghurst

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Some good news to end the year.
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22 December 2003 MEDIA RELEASE

Court Decision Protects Heritage Church Site

Inner city residents applauded the Land and Environment Court¹s decision to
uphold the City of Sydney¹s decision to reject the building of two 6-storey
apartment blocks overshadowing St John's Church in Darlinghurst. The
community group, Save Our St John's (Darlinghurst) welcomed the court¹s
decision, delivered on 22 December, to protect the 150 year old landmark
church and grounds.

In dismissing the developer¹s appeal, the Court confirmed the merit of the
Sydney City Council's unanimous decision to protect architect Edmund
Blacket¹s intact gothic-revival church which is listed on the National

The Court refused the application because the development had an
unacceptable impact on the heritage significance of the church and rectory,
was incompatible with the scale and design of the church and spoilt the
heritage streetscape. The Court also considered that the application
provided inadequate details.

"It was apparent to us from the start that the Anglican Church went into
this venture ill-advised," said Save Our St John's (SOSJ) co-convenors Jo
Holder and Norman Thompson.

"SOSJ calls on St Johns Church to immediately terminate the agreement with
the developer Harrington Properties and to engage in a review of its
position. While we recognize and support the Church¹s important role in the
community, we hope that they now might show a greater willingness to listen
to the concerns of the local residents," Jo Holder and Norman Thompson said.

Documents tendered at the Land & Environment Court hearing questioned the
value of the proposed two large buildings for the ongoing programs the St
John's Church wants to fund.

"A report by Sydney City Council concluded that the major problem with the
proposal is that the development would not provide the Church with a secure
long term renewable income stream to fund the ministry and conservation of
the historic buildings," Jo Holder and Norman Thompson said.

"SOSJ believes that the church's work with the homeless and other less
fortunate people is important. However, the building of two luxury
apartments blocks will only serve to alienate the underprivileged even more,
and force them from the area."

More information contact:
Jo Holder, 9331 6621
Norman Thompson, 0419 296 144

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