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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release April 2006

The Temperature is Rising

Hi SOS Members

Resistance to government high density policies has risen at notch or two this week.


Our thanks to all SOS members who attended the rally outside Parliament House in Tuesday. SOS placards were well displayed in the TV coverage.

Quentin Dempster covered the protest on ABC TV Stateline last night. He hosted a discussion between Planning Minister Frank Sartor and Genia McCaffery, President of the Local Government Association and Mayor of North Sydney. Genia came out tops while Frank Sartor appeared as an interrupting hectoring bully. If you missed the program you can see a rebroadcast at 12 noon today.


A month ago I requested names of volunteers who would be willing to be interviewed by the media. This paid off in an inspiring opinion piece by Michael Duffy in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning.

"The rape of Sydney continues" he writes. Referring to Ku-ring-gai as an example he quotes Alan Parr of Friends of Turramurra, Christiane Berlioz of the St Ives Progress Association and Anne Carroll of FOKE as well as referring to SOS. This article will certainly give the black-coated bullies in the Department of Planning something to think about.

Newspapers will only print articles such as this if they prove popular with their readers. Let us show them we appreciate these articles by sending in an avalanche of letters. After reading what Michael Duffy wrote below, do your bit please by emailing a short letter to as soon as possible as the editorial staff go off early on Saturdays for the weekend.


The dogged folk in Ryde have won some minor concessions from the Department of Planning. The proposed redevelopment for the Ryde Rehabilitation Centre has been reduced by 100 units to a still massive 795 units. A further protest is to be held on Sunday week. A flier is attached. Please give these battlers your support with an hour of your time - they are really trying hard.

TIme: SUNDAY 9TH APRIL 2006, 11.00AM

The mercury is rising. Is Sydney simmering yet? Save Our Suburbs will continue to add fuel to the fire. When will it all boil over?

Tony Recsei

President, Save Our Suburbs

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