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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release April 2004

Two letters

Hi SOS Members

Two noteworthy letters are in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning (15 April). One is from SOS member Gordon Hocking:

Tougher water restrictions and higher prices are just two of the costs of higher immigration levels. The success of the Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone, in selling the massively boosted 133,000 immigration program which will compound Sydney's problems, was masterful ("Door opens to 6000 more immigrants, Herald, April 2).

It’s time for Sydney's water-stressed residents to back the Premier's demand for a total review of immigration policy.

Gordon Hocking,
Oyster Bay, April 14.

And another on the subject of developer donations that first received wide publicity when we were featured on Quentin Dempster's ABC TV Stateline program on 30 March 2001:

Playing favourites

Liberal and Labor join forces to keep Greens out of the mayoralty in inner-city councils (Herald, April 13). Does this not suggest that neither Liberal nor Labor represents a real choice?

The developers have made their donations and are calling in their favours. The inner city gets developments that satisfy nothing but the developer's greed.

David Mathers,
Lidcombe, April 13.

Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs (SOS)

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