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Save Our Sydney Suburbs (NSW) Inc.
News Release April 2004

Local Government Elections

Hi SOS Members

Local resident action groups in Ryde and Gosford selected candidates to stand for their councils under the SOS banner in the March 2004 Local Govenment Elections.

While the SOS candidates did not succeed in getting elected, considering this was a first time effort fighting against long established parties and groups they did surprisingly well. SOS had no funds to contribute to their campaigns and the local groups, apart from using existing SOS posters, had to finance themselves.

In Ryde Barry Hadaway marginally lost in spite of being in the lead early in the count. Graeme Cordiner also did well. However they were competing against other groups who are estimated to have spent more than $100, 000 on their election campaigns for posters, mailouts, how-to-votes and other advertising.

In Gosford SOS achieved 3141 primary votes. This was within 300 votes of outpolling the outgoing deputy mayor Craig Doyle who had the advantage of previous incumbency and much publicity.

The SOS teams report that standing under the SOS Party banner was a definite advantage. No doubt the experience and exposure will have laid a good foundation for future efforts. We express our appreciation to all those who took part.

SOS Inc committee member Monica Wangmann has been re-elected as an independent in Ashfield. Monica writes "During my second term in office, I will do my best for all the community whether they voted for me or not. Nor will it matter if they are an eligible voter. Please let me know if there are issues I can help resolve". Congratulations to Monica and best wishes for her new term.

In Ku-ring-gai SOS member Laura Bennett has also been re-elected, standing once again as an independent. This was a remarkable achievement as the Liberal Party heavily backed so-called "independent" candidates, even to the extent of State MPs Barry O'Farrell and Andrew Humpherson writing personalised letters to all voters to vote for these candidates.

Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs (SOS)

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