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History and Policy Outline - a two page summary    
Key Ideas and Supporting Literature    

Here are the key ideas and supporting literature underpinning our opposition to current government policies. Click on the blue links below:-

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Sustainable Living
Do you want to live sustainably, reducing the impact of climate change on our planet?

Tom McKenna Memorial Lecture" by Bob Day AO, National President of the Housing Industry Association - October 2005
"the most devastating of the unintended consequences has been the extent to which this urban consolidation policy has stifled land supply and sent land prices through the roof."

Pipe Dreams: The Shortcomings of Ideologically Based Plannnning, People and Place Vol 13 no 2 - December, 2005
"Quantitative prediction is noticeably absent from the new urbanist and smart growth planning policies being implemented"

Comments on Discussion Paper - Sydney Greater Metropolitan Region - December, 2004
"Our investigations reveal that the benefits claimed by State Government spokesmen for densification policies are spurious or minimal"

Planning Our Suburbs - sound policies or fads - ABC Radio National Ockham's Razor program (1st Feb, 2004)
"Space provides us with a quality of life that makes Australia the envy of the world, but this wonderful attribute is being stolen from us"

Urban Consolidation - sound policy or fad - National Trust presentation (25th Feb 2004)
What the evidence shows...

Battle to save our peaceful way of life - Daily Telegraph article (20th Feb 2001)
"We all like to think of our suburban residential streets as our haven from the relentless pressures of big-city living"

Time to end the big squeeze - Sydney Morning Herald article (6th Oct 2000)
"Urban consolidation is taking too high a toll on the beauty and amenity of Sydney's suburbs"

Dictatorship of the high density bullies - Sydney Morning Herald article (14th Jan 2000)
"Bureaucratic dictates threaten to turn beautiful Sydney into a city of shades of grey"

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Some development fallacies exposed    

Here is some more information that exposes the hollow core of current government policies:-

Urban consolidation fallacies Which is less detrimental - urban spread or more cramming? Make up your own mind...

Sydney's Population Future Forum (March 2001) Differing points of view, from some authoritative sources

Reaction to Department of Planning's "PlanFirst" whitepaper (July 2001) NSW developers will be accountable to no-one ! (except Department of Planning) 


cancerous growth