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Save Our Suburbs (NSW)
- for Sustainable Living
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Save Our Suburbs (NSW) Inc is a non-profit & non-aligned group of residents, opposing forced rezoning and over-development of Sydney’s suburbs. We promote sustainable living to protect our planet.

Sydney’s beleaguered residents have been fighting an endless string of localised battles against increased density developments ("urban consolidation"). SOS supports residents in their struggle to save our city from overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution and loss of bushland and heritage resulting from ill-considered planning impositions. The organisation is active in endeavouring to persuade the State Government to effect beneficial changes to planning policies.

If we want to effectively protect the environment and heritage of our suburbs, we need to take the fight beyond our local areas into the State Government arena. This can only be achieved by organised and united residents. Save Our Suburbs (NSW) Inc has been formed for this very purpose. To start, click on our Key Ideas.

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High Density is a Planning Con Job that may Help Coronavirus Spread
Planning Bill 2017 Submission
Submission Towards Our Greater Sydney
Medium Density Housing Code Submission
The Chief Executive of the Urban Taskforce has had another opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald. He supports the characterisation of single dwelling home owners as locusts, “clearly predatory, maximising individual gain” and looks forward to half the dwellings in Sydney being units. The paper printed this letter in reply.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Taskforce had an opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald complaining about public opposition to the New South Wales Government’s proposed planning laws and advocating apartment living. The Sydney Morning Herald printed our reply which we hope sets the record straight and encourages the government to respect community wishes!
Submission - Metropolitan Strategy Affordable Housing Submission
Controversial article on Government propaganda Planetizen Op-Ed Piece
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Article in Australian Planner: Growth paths for Sydney    

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